I am now selling the full range of  Viair compressors. I got so much interest on Ebay & decided to add them to my website. I do carry a few Compressors in stock, but If I have not got the compressor you want, I can normally get them within 4/5 days from the States.

Save yourself a few quid and buy direct from me. The prices range from about £90 for the Viair 90c to £160 (normally £185 + £14.99 postage on Ebay)for the Viair 480c.

(The prices include shipping from US to UK & import duty & then UK delivery to you)

Let me know what your after & I'll get you the best possible price I can.

Viair 90c
Viair 92c
Viair 95c
Viair 97c
Viair 100c
Viair 175c
Viair 280c
Viair 325c
Viair 330c
Viair 350c
Viair 380c
Viair 400c
Viair 420c
Viair 444c
Viair 450c
Viair 460c
Viair 480c

Also any Viair Dual pack compressors.